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My passion

I am #CHPC - a Certified High Performance Coach. My personal journey & professional experience give me first-hand experience that I can share. Creating a successful business has led me down a road of many challenges but I have developed the mentality that I never lose I either win or I learn. I intend on sharing my learning with others so they can win!

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“I am inspired by watching others realize their goals. I am inspired by individuals who decide to bet on themselves. Being vulnerable and willing takes a lot of courage. I admire the resiliency in taking steps to unravel what is necessary to live life from an optimal space and feeling. Being uncomfortable is the way to growth. I am motivated and excited to support and be a cheerleader for your growth and congratulate you along the way. We win together and that is where the magic happens!”

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"I met Eli King through the Women's Executive Leadership course. I was searching for the next chapter of my life, to level up, to peel the layers of uncovered knowledge. I spent years looking up to professional women around me, in the HR world, in the Accounting world. But how do I find a wholesome, well-rounded role model, I wondered? In my 20+ year career, I'd never had a formal Life/Career coach - Eli is the first. Instantly, Eli was inclined to understand my needs, my goals, and yes, my insecurities also. She devoted so much of her time to develop me, to show me different perspectives, to witness my growth. She digs deep to understand deep-rooted issues, challenges, and internal obstacle that prevent success. Words that describe her are: Holistic, Empowering, Knowledgeable, Experienced, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Positive Energy, Truth/Candor."

- Yesneidy R Hernandez, MBA | Project Payroll Consulting Corp